Eileen Olson
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Intriguing and thought provoking  abstract paintings guaranteed to grab your attention. 

Latest Abstracts and News


Once again ,I have been invited to judge the ArtX show in Ocean City this Sat August 24, 2019.

August 24, 2019

Once again ,I have been invited to judge this exciting annual event.Northside Park - Free Admission. Ocean City's festival focusing on artistic expression, ArtX, brings additional opportunities for creative experiences to the beach.

Workshop Cold Wax and Oil in Abstract


Join me for this exciting 3-day workshop.



South Eastern Delaware Artists Studio Tour 

Two days after Thanksgiving. Save the date. 

Upcoming One-person Show at the Meazzanine Gallery.

Times Square.  Acrylic 30”x40” Sold

I am pleased to announce that I will have a show in  Wilmington, Delaware in June 2020 with The Delaware Division Of The Arts June 2020.

Homage to Tulips 22x30" Oil- SOLD


Painted in Oil and cold wax on paper  for the theme show at Gallery One in Ocean View, DE called Tulip Time.

Painting is 22x30" framed on cradled panel.

"Sea Side Village"

Finished & waiting to be framed for an upcoming theme show at Gallery One called "Warm and Cool"

Abstract in acrylic on asphalt paper. Olson's "Ocean Side Village" abstract is an exercise in color theory with a focus on cooler colors with hints of warmer colors to create a sense of harmony. The warm colors of peaches and rusts evoke warmth reminding us of the sun or fire. The cooler colors like the grays and blues remind us of the coolness of the water and sky.