Happy President's Day 2019

# 1 Top DE Abstract Artist to Watch This Year

Intriguing and thought provoking  abstract paintings guaranteed to grab your attention. 

"Yesteryear" - 54"x54" Acrylic $4000"

Latest Abstracts and News

The Eighteenth Hole

My focus  was placed on emphasis of color harmony and shape making. 
I used Nickel Azo Gold acrylic

It is always challenging to come up with a name that fits my abstracts, but this  one came easily for me. Maybe, it's  spring fever and friends encouraging me to get back on the golf course.

Harmony In Black And White


Abstract of sunflowers scattered through out the Brittany landscape .


ISO: The Color Purple

Oil painting  in rich blacks with different shades of blue, many layers giving depth.

Oil on Canvas-$1250



Fighting The Breeze-SOLD

Kites in the winds off the ocean.

Kites flying to stay up during a Bethany Beach storm.getting a sweet deal.

Plethora Of Pelicans-SOLD


Plethora Of Pelicans

Watercolor and Acrylic Inks on Paper.

"Sea Side Village"

Finished & waiting to be framed for an upcoming theme show at Gallery One called "Warm and Cool"

Abstract in acrylic on asphalt paper. Olson's "Ocean Side Village" abstract is an exercise in color theory with a focus on cooler colors with hints of warmer colors to create a sense of harmony. The warm colors of peaches and rusts evoke warmth reminding us of the sun or fire. The cooler colors like the grays and blues remind us of the coolness of the water and sky.