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Upcoming events

   "Yesteryear"54"x54" Abstract in Acrylic

 I have nothing scheduled thus far for these winter months.My plan is to paint almost everyday.

This painting is called 'Yesteryear". Acrylic on canvas 54"x 54"

Abstract Portraits

Portrait of the Midas Girl-gold gilding and acrylic inks

"Portrait of the Midas Girl"

-gold gilding and acrylic inks. Accepted into the Rehoboth Art League Biennial Show this past Fall.

Workshops- Water Media with Collage

"Indian Moon"  Watermedia Collage

New workshop schedule will be announced late winter.

This painting is called "Indian Moon".


This is one of my more popular formats. a 12"x48" abstract painting on canvas.

"Are your paintings for sale from your website?"-Yes, just call me and we can discuss prices , shipping etc.